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Magic is a truly unforgettable addition to any occasion, providing your guests with the everlasting memories they deserve!

- Close Up Magic -

Close-Up magic is an intimate experience of astonishment that you and your guests are able to; interact, cheer and laugh together, witnessing miracles right before your eyes. This package brings the magic from the stage and into your hands!

- Mentalism -

Mentalism can be defined as Mind Reading based entertainment through exploring your guests’ thoughts, their imagination and power of suggestion creating moments that are truly unforgettable in a safe and fun manner. Mentalism will be sure to have your guests thinking twice about what they really think of you!

- Stage Magic - 

Stage Magic allows for you and your guests to witness magic on a much BIGGER scale from the comfort of your own chair! Never missing a beat, witnessing miracles in real time alongside your friends, family or colleagues! Stage Magic is a great opener for any seated occasion!

V.I.P Experience
(Coming Soon)
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